Tips on how to continue to grow as an IT engineer

IT engineers always need to study hard because IT technologies change so quickly. There are three things that are important - to get the latest IT technology information, to try that, and to make an output about your experience. I hope you will find this tips helpful.

The first thing you have to do is to get the latest IT technology information. To do this, you should read IT news every day, and you need to follow the SNS account of a famous IT engineer. Then, you had better participate in a community of IT engineers because you will be able to hear information that you don’t know yet.

The next thing you have to do is to try the latest IT technology you have learned. When you get the information, you will never really know it until you have given it a try. You should read a lot of documents, then do trial and error to test it. You should also ask other IT engineers about things that you don't understand. Then, you will be very happy when your try was successful. As a result, you will grow as an IT engineer with this experience.

The last thing you have to do is to make an output about your experience. You can learn about your experience only after making the output. There are various ways to output. For example, writing a blog, posting in an SNS, or participating in a conference as a speaker. Sometimes, the person who saw your output may give you other information.

You can keep growing by continuously studying, trying what you’ve learned, and sharing what you’ve experienced with others.


I’d like to introduce my daughter.




I’d like to introduce my daughter.

There are three points that are important - she is bright and cheerful, she is caring to everyone, and she is a hard worker.

First, she is bright and cheerful. She always laughs a lot and makes everyone laugh. I get messages from her every day, for example, about things that happened in school, funny things that she has experienced, or a funny tweet that she has seen. Sometimes, she sends me over 30 messages a night but I'm happy about that.

Secondly, she is caring to everyone. She especially takes care of other people’s children well. When we hang out together with my friend’s family, she always takes care of my friend's little children and she really enjoys it. And, she was a central figure in her class in high school because she was caring to many of her friends.

Thirdly, she is a hard worker. It has been her dream to work at a nursery since she was a child, and she has made great efforts to achieve that. She has learned to play the piano and she has studied for a long time. As a result, she passed the entrance exam of the university education department.

Finally, I think she has made every effort to make her dreams come true. I am proud of her and I strongly believe that she will make her dreams come true.

This is the end of my presentation.



40歳...マジか。僕が思春期の時、35歳に燃え尽きて死んでやるって思ってました。35歳の時、ここが人生の折り返し地点だと思っていました。そして気づけば40歳。死ぬこともなく、折り返しと思えるほどやりきってもおらず、気づけば40歳です。ずるずる100歳までいっちゃいそう。ヤバい。何がヤバいって、僕が17歳だった時に見ていた40歳ってジェントルな感じで山高帽で葉巻吹かして杖なんか付いちゃって何にも動じず全てを悟っちゃってるくらいのイメージだったわけですよ、現実にはモチャモチャのパーマに無精髭でユニクロのTシャツに2000円のジーンズでノベルティでもらったパーカー来てサンダルなわけですよ、ストロングゼロでトリップしながらGADOROとか輪入道とかCreepy NutsとかMOROHAとか聴いてるわけですよ、好きな食べ物はカレーとラーメンで王将で泥酔ですよ、え、なにこれ、ヤバい?ヤバくない?大人って何?40歳とは? #とは ってハッシュタグ使っちゃうくらいの現実感の無さですよ?不惑とか言ってるけどいつもえーとかあーとか言って迷いまくりですよ?40歳らしいのは腰痛と肝臓(再検査)だけですよアホか。真夜中に独りストロングゼロ(ダブルレモン)呑みながらSIAM SHADE聴いて全裸でダンシングですよアホか。違う。僕の考えていた40歳はこれじゃない。もっとこうスーツでビシッとキメちゃってたはず。なのに普段履いてるのが金色のナイキのバッシュで乗ってくる車はビートで夏はモンキーでうろちょろしているわけでこんなの40歳じゃない。つまり僕は40歳じゃない。Yes。理解。明日から20歳って言って生きていきます。